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The Basics of Two-Party vs. Multi-Party Systems | Bird's Eye

Join Harry and Philip to learn more about two-party and multi-party political systems, their advantages and disadvantages, and American lessons.

Join Harry and Philip to learn more about the two-party system and alternative multi-party political set-ups. We discuss what they each are, how they come about, advantages, disadvantages, and American lessons.

Next week, you don't want to miss our conversation with Benjamin Singer, Executive Director at Show Me Integrity, as we talk over possible avenues for improving America's two-party politics.

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Table of Contents

00:00 - Intro & Housekeeping
00:22 - Recap
01:46 - Today's topic
04:31 - Two-Party System: How it works and why it happens
11:26 - Multi-Party System: How it works and why it happens
15:07 - Two-Party: Problems
17:16 - Two-Party: American Problems
22:29 - Multi-Party: Solutions
25:37 - Multi-Party: Problems
29:31 - Two-Party: Solutions
31:43 - Which is superior?
34:55 - The takeaway + Next week's topic
36:10 - Signing Off

Bird’s Eye - The Political Spectrum and Political Alignment
Join Harry and Philip as they begin an exploration of the political spectrum, political alignment, and the two party system.
Don't forget to listen to our previous episode in the series, which helps lay some foundation for the discussions in this one.


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