Covid (Again?) + Last Week's Digest
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Best of the Best

Best of the Best

Here are five of our favorite pieces from Insight and Focus. If you're new, this should give you a picture of the new way of seeing politics you can expect each week.

Why Autocracy Persists | Focus public

Why Autocracy Persists | Focus

The fall of the Soviet Union promised democracy’s global triumph. But we quickly forgot the principles that brought our victory.…

Not Tired of Losing Yet | Insight public

Not Tired of Losing Yet | Insight

Breaking down the theory of “mediatization” helps explain why Kristi Noem keeps fighting her own party and losing.…
Mr. Carlson Goes to Budapest | Insight public

Mr. Carlson Goes to Budapest | Insight

Tucker Carlson tries to pass off Viktor Orbán’s pernicious dismantling of Hungarian democracy as an epitome of freedom worth imitating.…
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