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Our Vision

At Spectacles, we believe that liberal democracy is worth preserving and that you can be a part of what keeps it alive.

From Hungary to Tunisia, South Africa to the United States, democracy is in decline all around the world. And these problems won’t just go away. If you want to better understand the challenges democracy faces, then Spectacles is here for you. Spectacles gives you analysis of what’s going on in the world and what it means for democracy, to provide you with a new way of seeing politics you won’t find anywhere else. We put democratic principles first, before clickbait or partisan loyalty. To do this, Spectacles has three series: Insight, Focus, and Bird’s Eye.

  • Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Insight provides a brief look at one major story of the day or week and goes beyond the headline, exploring crucial angles other news outlets aren't showing you.
  • Every Sunday, Focus takes a deeper dive into a particular issue area, drawing connections between current trends and long term impacts.

If you believe, like we do, in the value of democracy, the importance of maintaining it, and that informed citizens make a healthy community, join us, subscribe, and tune in.

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