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The Political Spectrum and Political Alignment | Bird's Eye

Join Harry and Philip as they begin an exploration of the political spectrum, political alignment, and the two party system.

Join the editors as they begin an exploration of the political spectrum, the way citizens align themselves with political parties, and the nature of the two party system. Is a single-axis political spectrum the best way to conceptualize American politics? What are the effects of more disciplined political parties? How can we best understand what voters want if our major political parties are not delivering?

Next week we'll be diving into a deeper exploration of the two party system, so make sure to stay tuned!

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Table of Contents

00:00 - Intro & Housekeeping
00:32 - What would you expect?
01:43 - Today's topic
02:37 - What is the political spectrum?
04:36 - What are the problems with it?
08:28 - The impact of party sorting and what that means
13:58 - Inadequacy of the spectrum; is a compass better?
18:43 - Movement of the Republican party post-90s
21:21 - Inadequacy of the political compass
23:12 - Asymmetric polarization, complexities
25:16 - Inadequacy of a two-party system
30:35 - Closing notes; the argument for two-party
32:41 - Next week's topic
33:25 - Signing off


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