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Making American Elections Healthier | Bird's Eye

Join Harry, Philip, and special guest Benjamin Singer to discuss approval voting and other important ideas for how we can improve our elections.

Join Harry and Philip as they welcome their first guest to Bird's Eye! Benjamin Singer, the executive director of the Missouri-based voting reform organization Show Me Integrity, sits down with the editors.

We discuss "approval runoff," an alternative electoral system that Show Me Integrity helped enact in St. Louis, the value of political parties, and the ultimate aims of voting reforms.

Click here to visit Show Me Integrity's website here!

Table of Contents

00:00 - Intro & Housekeeping
00:32 - Recap & Today's Topic
01:28 - Welcoming Benjamin Singer
02:21 - What's the problem needs solving in our politics?
06:52 - How can reform address this?
12:49 - What is Approval voting? How does it work?
17:45 - Can we work with the two-party system?
23:06 - What is the value of parties generally?
25:28 - Is Approval voting the best, or merely practical?
28:10 - How manageable are the challenges to reform?
33:01 - Reform for moderation or for representation?
37:26 - How do these structures shape voters' and officials' behavior?
40:17 - Thanks to Benjamin Singer
41:13 - Signing off

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Bird’s Eye - The Basics of Two-Party vs. Multi-Party Systems
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Don't forget to catch up on last week's episode to learn more about two-party and multi-party systems! It's got some useful background for this episode.


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