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13 November 2021

American Backslide | Bird's Eye

American Backslide | Bird's Eye
The most powerful office in the world, and it looks like it's only rising in prestige. // The White House via Wikimedia Commons

Join Harry and Philip as they wrap up their discussion of democratic backsliding. Today, we're on the home turf—the United States. We discuss executive aggrandizement, how Congress let this happen, and what it will mean in the future.

Further Reading:

  • "On Democratic Backsliding," by Nancy Bermeo in Journal of Democracy.
  • Congress: The Electoral Connection, by David Mayhew.
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Backsliding in Budapest | Bird’s Eye
Join the editors as they discuss backsliding in Hungary. What are the precise mechanism’s used to undermine rule of law and popular government?
Don't miss our episode last week on backsliding in Hungary!
The Modern Authoritarian Playbook | Bird’s Eye
Join the editors as they discuss democratic backsliding. What is it? Why do today’s aspiring autocrats use different tactics than their predecessors?
Or the first one in this series on the basics of democratic backsliding!


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