Covid (Again?) + Last Week's Digest
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Backsliding in Budapest | Bird's Eye

Join the editors as they discuss backsliding in Hungary. What are the precise mechanism's used to undermine rule of law and popular government?

Join the editors as they discuss backsliding in Hungary under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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Further Reading

  • Not Your Father’s Authoritarianism: The Creation of the "Frankenstate" by Kim Lane Scheppele for the American Political Science Association.
  • "Viktor Orban's War on Intellect," by Franklin Foer in The Atlantic.
  • "Hungary’s Illiberal Turn: Disabling the Constitution," by Miklós Bánkuti, Gábor Halmai, and Kim Lane Scheppele in Journal of Democracy.
The Modern Authoritarian Playbook | Bird’s Eye
Join the editors as they discuss democratic backsliding. What is it? Why do today’s aspiring autocrats use different tactics than their predecessors?
Don't miss the previous episode, the first in this series on democratic backsliding!


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