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Mayor Sly James | Focus Interviews

Former Mayor of Kansas City Sly James sits down with us to discuss political leadership, local government, and how to restore faith in American politics.

Today we're joined by the former Mayor of Kansas City (Philip's hometown) to chat about his biography, mayoral service, and his broader perspective on the politics of the moment. As mayor, Mr. James oversaw myriad local developments, perhaps most visibly and memorably the Kansas City Streetcar, which has played a crucial role in revitalizing the city's downtown.

Before becoming Mayor, Mr. James practiced law and worked as a trial attorney at his own and other practices in Kansas City for three decades. When he ran for reelection in Kansas City in 2015, he won with a landslide 87% of the vote. Since leaving office, he cowrote a book with Winston Fisher, The Opportunity Agenda, a guide for building lasting democratic majorities. Despite his major successes as a local leader, Mr. James has not sought any further election to public office. Today, he's here to join us to discuss politics, his legacy, and what it means to be a local leader.

Enjoy the conversation!

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