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Adam Gurri talks Constitutionality | Focus Interviews

Adam Gurri joins us to discuss the difference between lawfulness and constitutionality, and how we should think about rule of law today.

About today's guest—

He's here with us to discuss his recent article, Lawful and Unconstitutional: Rule of Law in America Today. Founder and Editor in Chief of Liberal Currents, a magazine dedicated to the discussion of liberal principles and institutions, Adam is a serious and thoughtful critic and analyst of politics and liberalism.

About today's topic—

Our interview recordings just can't seem to go without a hitch, as this time Harry and I recorded from different cities while I was hit with Covid. However, we had a fascinating conversation with Adam, including the relationship between constitutionality and lawfulness, the design of American political institutions, and the potential benefits and risks of rapid reforms to those institutions. We enjoyed our time and Adam's article, and we're sure you will too. If you'd like to skip around, here's a table of contents.

00:00— Getting started, a note on Uvalde
02:00— What are "lawfulness" and "constitutionality"?
05:04— How about "law and order"?
13:11— Can we reform our way forward?
23:42— What about the role of violence in order?
35:12— Is bureaucracy a challenge to lawfulness?
42:00— Wrapping up

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If you're interested in reading Adam Gurri's article, you can find it here. His twitter is @adamgurri.

Enjoy the conversation, and a special thanks to Adam for sitting down with us!


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