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Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

Get a bird's eye view on global disorder, an explanation of how sanctions work, a look at African democracy, and more.

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

Get a bird's eye view on global disorder, an explanation of how sanctions work, a look at African democracy, and more.

Spectacles  — 01 March 2022

From the archive:

Can Secession Be Legitimate? | Insight
Though it’s of international consequence, a domestic rift is at the heart of Ukraine’s troubles.
Ostensibly, some people in Ukraine would like to be part of Russia. Harry asks whether that matters.

Everything from last week:

Visualizing Global Disorder | Focus
It’s easy to be cynical and assume that all’s going to hell, but the facts are a little more complicated.
Philip presents a wide spread of data to see whether the world is trending toward disorder.
What’s There to Say? | Insight
There’s a wealth of useful information out there on the events unfolding in Ukraine, which we’ve compiled here for readers.
Harry compiles a number of resources worth following to stay up to date on Ukraine.
The Power of the Dollar | Guest Insight
As the global reserve currency, the US Dollar is a cornerstone of American influence in the world, but its strength may be waning.
Two-time contributor Bryce Johnston explains why the Dollar's status as the world's reserve currency matter so much, especially now.
Africa is the Future | Insight
Europe is talking a big game about African investment. It better get walking soon, because a lot of damage is already done.
Philip discusses the EU's recent summit with the African Union and why it could be critical for democracy in Africa.

And the week before:

Are We a Republic? | Focus
The concept of republicanism, flattened by rhetoric and partisanship, deserves a revival.
Harry dives into the age old question of whether America is a republic or democracy. The answer: neither...and both.
The Disease of Medical Lobbying | Insight
America doesn’t have enough doctors, but it doesn’t do us any good to point and stare without getting to the root of the problem.
Philip explains America's shortage of doctors and the challenge of lobbying in a pluralist democracy.
Curtains for Tunisian Democracy | Insight
The president of Tunisia is cementing his hold on authoritarian power. It’s worth considering what happens when the response to anti-democratic action is sluggish.
Harry revisits Tunisia to highlight how lackluster and delayed responses helped seal democracy's fate there.

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