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Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

A guest article, pieces on the Iran deal, the future of peace, America's China policy, and so much more.

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

A guest article, pieces on the Iran deal, the future of peace, America's China policy, and so much more.

Spectacles  — 21 December 2021

One from the archive:

Putin’s “Power” Politics | Insight
The impending approval of Russia’s natural gas pipeline to Germany is a reminder of how autocracies may be empowered by global trade.
Ongoing tension at Ukraine's border seems as fit an occasion as any to take another look at how democracies can frequently underestimate the brutality of autocrats.

Everything from last week:

The Future of Peace, III: What’s Next? | Bird’s Eye
Discussing the decline of American hegemony and what it means for international order. Can international institutions pick up the slack? What does the future hold?
Is Washington Up to The Task? | Focus
In the face of a rising China, America has a strategy in mind. But it’s unclear we can actually make it happen.
Punching Left, Right, and Center | Insight
Joe Biden’s presidency has been struggling for months. Some frustration is warranted, but sticking with Joe is our best bet.
Which Side Are You On? | Guest Insight
There’s been a big uptick in labor action, but it’s not just strikes. Even within unions, workers aren’t always happy with leadership.
Domestic Instability is Ruining Foreign Policy | Insight
Joe Biden wants back into the Iran deal. Even if it goes through, other countries don’t know what to expect from our foreign policy.

AND the week before (because I forgot to send last week's):

The Future of Peace, II: IR Theories | Bird’s Eye
Harry and Philip break down three major theories of international relations and discuss which seems to have the best grip on things.
Arabian Nights Under an Artificial Moon | Focus
From Disney World to the Saudi desert, the ultra-wealthy have long dreamed of being great founders. Some are more dangerous than others.
Talk Is Cheap, Not Worthless | Insight
Spectacles takes readers through the promises and perils of the Biden administration’s international conference on democracy.
Can Secession Be Legitimate? | Insight
Though it’s of international consequence, a domestic rift is at the heart of Ukraine’s troubles.
How Big Money Breaks Democracy, Explained | Insight
We all know that somehow lobbying and campaign finance are a disaster for democracy. But why? And how is the system supposed to work?
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