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Pre-Thanksgiving Digest + A Throwback

CRT, Sudan, gerrymandering, inflation, and autocracy: Spectacles hits it all in these thoughtful pieces.

Pre-Thanksgiving Digest + A Throwback

CRT, Sudan, gerrymandering, inflation, and autocracy: Spectacles hits it all in these thoughtful pieces.

Spectacles  — 30 November 2021

From the archive:

Insight - Parsons’s Pardons: Liberty and Justice for Some
The Missouri governor’s pardon of the gun-toting McCloskey couple and neglect of the wrongfully convicted points to the need for a new way of freeing the innocent
Last week Kevin Strickland, one of the unjustly imprisoned men discussed in this article, was exonerated. To learn more about the system that put an innocent man behind bars for 43 years, read or listen.

Everything from the other week:

Bad Guys Winning or Good Guys Losing? | Bird’s Eye
Join Harry and Philip as they wade into a current debate about the global competition between autocracy and democracy.
Harry and Philip sit down to hash out an ongoing dispute about how we ought to think about the spread of autocracy and decline of democracy: bad guys winning or good guys losing?
James Baldwin, Theories, and the Moral Life | Focus
We want neat theories to explain how we got to where we are, and where to go next, but life isn’t so simple or scientific.
Philip dives into some of James Baldwin's writing to reflect on Critical Race Theory, racism in America, and how it shapes all of us.
The Despot’s Dilemma | Insight
Sudan has returned to a joint civil-military government after its military attempted to seize power, but the road ahead is by no means free of obstacles.
Harry does a very nice job giving an update on the situation in Sudan and explaining why there's limited hope for the military relaxing.
Beyond Gerrymandering | Insight
Gerrymandering is a problem. But it’s not clear that America’s illnesses can be cured by independent redistricting.
Harry takes a look at gerrymandering and explores how the problem of unfair district drawing runs deep in our system and is harder to solve than independent commissions.
A Different Perspective on Inflation | Insight
With inflation still on the rise, Democrats are paying a political price. But a closer look suggests that the economic reality is more mixed.
Lastly, Harry revisits the topic of inflation he wrote about some time ago to examine to impact of our economic recovery on America's most in-need.
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