Last Week's Digest + A Throwback
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16 November 2021

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

From the archive:

Are We Getting Inflation All Wrong?
Contrary to popular objections, it looks like more spending could reduce economic pressure now and curb inflation in the future.
Harry will be revisiting the topic of current inflation tomorrow, so stay tuned for that and dust off this old, very good article on the same subject.

Everything from last week:

American Backslide | Bird’s Eye
Join Harry and Philip as they wrap up their discussion of democratic backsliding with a trip across the 50 states.
In our recent episodes, you've learned about modern democratic erosion. Now, learn how it's going on in the US.
In Polls We Trust? | Focus
Democrats are scrambling to develop a strategy for winning in a bad political environment. Polls can help, but they won’t be nearly enough.
Lots of people are saying Democrats should "follow the polls." Harry debunks this idea.
Ortega’s Propaganda Peddlers | Insight
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega won re-election after jailing opposition, but some American commentators see nothing wrong.
The Nicaraguan election was a sham, but a bunch of lefty podcasts don't see anything wrong with it. Philip explains what's going on here.
What Really Happened in Ethiopia | Insight
Ethiopia’s civil conflict marks its first anniversary. And yet there still hasn’t been a clear explanation of how it happened.
Philip offers a theory explaining why Ethiopia, until recently relatively stable, has collapsed. It's an important lesson for democracies.
Building Roads to the Future? | Insight
Is President Biden’s big bipartisan spend on infrastructure a sign of the future to come, or a post-COVID blip we’ll soon forget?
Harry dives into an explanation of why the most recent infrastructure bill is woefully incomplete without Joe Biden's Build Back Better initiative.
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