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Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

From Estonian bureaucracy to the breakdown of Tunisian democracy, you're sure to learn something from Spectacles.

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

From Estonian bureaucracy to the breakdown of Tunisian democracy, you're sure to learn something from Spectacles.

Spectacles  — 04 October 2021

From the Archive:

Bird’s Eye - Small Government & Liberal Democracy
From pencils to basketball to free markets, freedom or equality? Join Philip and Harry as they discuss whether small government can deliver a healthy liberal democracy
With discussions of supply-chain logistics as well as Estonian and German bureaucracy in recent articles, it's a great time to listen to our Bird's Eye podcast episode on small government visions of liberal democracy. Some good, some bad, but you'll learn a lot.

Last Week's Digest:

Bird’s Eye - Making American Elections Healthier
Join Harry, Philip, and special guest Benjamin Singer to discuss approval voting and other important ideas for how we can improve our elections.
Join Harry and Philip, along with special guest Benjamin Singer, as they discuss innovative ideas, like approval voting, for improving American politics and elections.
What I Learned in Becoming an e-Resident of Estonia
The small nation of Estonia, with its world-class digital democracy and social services, demonstrates the importance of humility and learning from other countries.
Philip discusses the surprisingly fascinating Estonia and the very important, and unintuitive, lessons we can learn from the country.
Tunisian Democracy Sheds the Burden of Reciprocity
Key domestic factions lent soft support to the Tunisian president’s suspension of parliament. They and the country are now paying the price.
Harry revisits Tunisia once again for an update and a bit of a retrospective, explaining part of the story of how the president was so successful in dismantling democracy. 
Insight - As Shortages Abound, What Can We Do?
As America’s supply-chains fail to recover, a great weakness of the free market and democracy rears its head, but it is an opportunity, not a crisis.
Supply chain difficulties in America demonstrate the need for infrastructure reform but also more nuanced market policy generally, Philip writes.
Insight - What Can We Learn About Democracy From the German Election?
Germany’s unique electoral system, which allows multiple parties to viably compete for power, sheds light on American struggles.
Harry breaks down the election results in Germany and complements last week's Bird's Eye discussion of multi-party system with an explanation of one big benefit of this form of government.
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