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Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

This week from Spectacles: what's wrong with development aid, Madison v. DeSantis, bad Chinese vaccines, and a perplexing governor.

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

This week from Spectacles: what's wrong with development aid, Madison v. DeSantis, bad Chinese vaccines, and a perplexing governor.

Spectacles  — 22 March 2022

Hello again and happy Tuesday. Two quick things this week:

First, we want your feedback on the new Insight format we've run the past four articles. If you need a refresher, check out yesterday's piece on gas prices and who's to blame, or anything from last week below. When you're ready, you can click here for a survey, or you can scroll to the bottom of this email and fill it out right here. It should really less than a minute or two (depending on how much feedback you've got), but it'll make a world of difference for me and Harry.

Second, we're trying to get invited to a conference in DC next week, where a whole lot of center, center-left people will be meeting to talk about new ways forward for American democracy. If you enjoy what we do here, please, click here to send a tweet to the hosts of the conference to let them know. Attendance would be huge for us, as we'd make lots of connections to interesting people we might be able to collaborate with to bring you even better content. Our recent guest writer, Angelica Oung, will be there, for example.

With that out of the way, here's the digest.

One from the archive:

Taiwan’s Nuclear Memories | Angelica Oung
The tragic forty-year history of Taiwan’s Fourth Nuclear Plant yields key lessons on energy policy, democracy, security, and more.
This one's still very recent, but you really can't miss it. An excellent article and fun, insightful conversation with the author.

Everything from last week:

How Not to Build Democracy | Focus
Development assistance is one way the United States can help other countries to democratize. But it could use a rethink.
Harry explains development aid and its complicated history, highlighting its challenges.
Madison v. DeSantis | Insight
Florida’s new parental rights bill prohibits discussion of LGBT issues in the classroom. It’s going to cause chaos for the state’s school system.
Philip uses the writing of James Madison to demonstrate the problems with Florida's new education bill.
Good Medicine, Political Poison | Insight
China is starting to lock down again, because their vaccines don’t work. Why don’t they just buy better ones? The short answer: authoritarianism.
Philip talks lockdowns in China, why the Communist Party won't use good vaccines.
Not Tired of Losing Yet | Insight
Breaking down the theory of “mediatization” helps explain why Kristi Noem keeps fighting her own party and losing.
Harry looks at a theory for why politicians behave they way they do, especially Noem.

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