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Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

Some explainers regarding Ukraine that are actually helpful and interesting, on top of an insightful interview with a former Ambassador.

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

Some explainers regarding Ukraine that are actually helpful and interesting, on top of an insightful interview with a former Ambassador.

Spectacles  — 08 March 2022

Quick update (digest below): There was no Insight yesterday, because Harry and I were out on a camping trip for the weekend. Here I am enjoying a fire, while Harry cooks dinner at our campsite amongst some amazing boulders in Joshua Tree.

Some new subscribers joined us while we were away, and many more have joined since we last did any sort of community post, so welcome, everyone. If you've ever got a question or comment for Harry or I, just reply to any email you get from us. I read everything we get. Also, to newcomers and day-one-ers alike, if you want a Spectacles sticker, let us know your mailing address, and we'll send one over.

Anyways, here's the digest. You'll see that we, like everyone and their mom, pivoted to a lot of Ukraine commentary lately. However, I think you'll find our articles from last week do a very good job of picking up on questions we're all wondering about (like "How are the oligarchs different from billionaires?" or "Is Ukraine really a democracy?") but few people are actually diving into to explain. I hope you enjoy them, and if you do, please share a link or forward an email to someone else who might too.

One from the archive:

The Boris Bet | Insight
Boris Johnson remains in a state of perma-crisis, but it could cost his party dearly to turn on him now.
The situation in Ukraine has all but entirely destroyed any conversation about getting rid of Boris, but this remains a lively exploration of why it was always just talk. 

Everything from last week:

Ambassador Allan Katz | Focus Interviews
Former Ambassador to Portugal Allan Katz joins us to discuss civil discourse, polarization, and how this all applies to the situation in Ukraine right now.
The above says it all; don't miss this very special conversation!
Why Are They Called Oligarchs? | Insight
Russian oligarchs and American billionaires: some say there’s hardly any difference. Harry explains, “What’s in a name?”
Harry does a fantastic job drawing out the similarities and differences between "our billionaires" and "their oligarchs."
Explainer: Is Ukraine a Democracy? | Insight
Joe Biden sees the Russian invasion as another development in the conflict between freedom and tyranny, but is Ukraine all that democratic? Does it matter?
Another great explainer from Harry that does what it says on the tin. Check it out!
Decisive Caution | Guest Insight
In Ukraine, President Biden has thus far passed the test. But greater challenges for American leadership lie ahead.
Chris Healey contributes for the second time, this time explaining the balancing act of America's response to Russian aggression. Worth a read.
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