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Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

This week in democracy: Boris blunders, staffers revolt, illiberalism rises, and mountain lions roar.

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

This week in democracy: Boris blunders, staffers revolt, illiberalism rises, and mountain lions roar.

Spectacles  — 16 February 2022

One from the archive:

Boris Johnson’s No Good, Very Bad Week | Insight
Boris Johnson wants nothing more than to be a Great Man. His recent political foibles indicate why that’s not likely.
Brush up on what's been going wrong for BoJo

Everything from last week:

Author Thomas J. Main | Focus Interviews
Today, we’re joined by Professor Thomas J. Main to discuss his recently released book, The Rise of Illiberalism.
We have a lively conversation about illiberalism with author and professor Thomas J. Main
The Boris Bet | Insight
Boris Johnson remains in a state of perma-crisis, but it could cost his party dearly to turn on him now.
BoJo has more staying power than many will admit. Maybe that's because they like their clickbait.
Cougars or Duplexes: Which Are Scarier? | Insight
Last year, we thought California had killed single-family zoning. But this Bay Area enclave would rather have mountain lions than new homes.
A small California town tried to pull one over on SB9 using mountain lions.
Capital on the Hill | Insight
As congressional staffers vent about poor wages and working conditions, it’s worth considering what happens when public servants are poorly compensated.
Staffers in DC want to unionize. What do their conditions say about our priorities?

And the week before:

When in Rome? | Focus
HBO’s Rome offers a peek into BC-era political dilemmas not unlike our own. The lesson, it seems, is not to do as the Romans did.
Philip takes a look at HBO's Rome and Julius Caesar, coming away with some important lessons for our time.
It’s Global Trade, Stupid | Insight
A lot of people want to increase industry at home to prevent future shortages. It sounds nice, but it doesn’t work like that.
On-shoring and re-shoring sound very nice but they don't perform as advertised.
Ukraine and the Tragedy of Geopolitics | Guest Insight
How much does Ukraine’s location on a map reveal about its present crisis? The answer demonstrates just how complicated democratization can be.
A guest writer takes a look at Ukraine's unfortunate position for a novel take on the situation.
The Rules of Law | Insight
The January 6th convictions aren’t quite on target yet. But by going for symbols of the insurrection, they’re on the right track.
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