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Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

From reflections on meritocracy and the outsized importance of the supreme court, to Putin and Burkina Faso.

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

From reflections on meritocracy and the outsized importance of the supreme court, to Putin and Burkina Faso.

Spectacles  — 01 February 2022

One from the archive:

Putin’s “Power” Politics | Insight
The impending approval of Russia’s natural gas pipeline to Germany is a reminder of how autocracies may be empowered by global trade.
We hate to see we called Ukraine, but we kinda did...

Everything from last week:

A Democracy of the Deserving | Focus
It’s taken for granted that meritocracy makes sense. But it might actually damage democracy in the long term.
Harry takes a thoughtful look at the compatibility between meritocracy and democracy.
83 Year Old Man Quits Job | Insight
Stephen Breyer is retiring from the Supreme Court. For Democrats, it’s a win. For democracy, it’s harder to say.
Stephen Breyer is retiring. Philip wishes it weren't such big news.
Explaining the Coup in Burkina Faso | Insight
Africa’s Sahel region witnesses its fifth coup in the past year. This one is the first to really imperil a democracy.
Philip attempts to explain the recent coup in Burkina Faso, arguing against some misguided ideas from the NYT and NPR.
Putin’s “Power” Politics Pay Off | Insight
As the situation on the Ukrainian border grows more tense, the United States finds itself in a hole of its own digging.
This is the one we called. Thus the name. Harry explains how we saw it coming.

And the week before:

Candidate for US Senate, Dr. Gillian Battino | Focus Interviews
Tune in for a discussion of healthcare policy, democracy reform, the filibuster, campaign finance, and her dream policy for her home state of Wisconsin.
We had a wonderful guest on the podcast, Dr. Gillian Battino.
Europe’s Check on Big Tech | Insight
The European Parliament wants to regulate the tech industry. There are problems, especially regarding freedom of expression.
Philip dives into the difficulties of regulating big tech. Everyone wants to, but nobody seems to have the right ideas.
Big Brother’s Bank Account? | Guest Insight
Digital currencies hold great promise, but democracies need to be careful. Both within and without, authoritarians could reap all the benefits.
A guest writer contributes a great piece, explaining a new form of digital currency, like bitcoin but with a central bank. Don't miss it!
Inoculating Liberalism | Insight
The global vaccination campaign is still behind schedule. Failing to bring it up to speed would be both a serious moral failing and a missed opportunity.
Harry explains why global vaccine sharing is crucial for democracy around the world. The US is leading, but it's not enough.
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