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Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

This week, Spectacles takes a look at why coups are happening, why Obama underwhelmed, and much more.

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

This week, Spectacles takes a look at why coups are happening, why Obama underwhelmed, and much more.

Spectacles  — 02 November 2021

From the archive:

Normalcy an Inadequate Solution in a Changing World
Held back by a managerial state and acute discomfort with strong global engagement, the upcoming German election seems out of touch with the times.
This article is a good reminder heading into the climate summit in Glasgow that we do not live in a time in which the status quo will cut it. Time for new thinking.

Everything from last week:

The Modern Authoritarian Playbook | Bird’s Eye
Join the editors as they discuss democratic backsliding. What is it? Why do today’s aspiring autocrats use different tactics than their predecessors?
Modern democratic decline is subtle...and that makes it harder to recognize and reject. Listen in so you can know the three core concepts and strategies.
A Promised Leader, Undelivered | Focus
Barack Obama promised hope and change. Why didn’t his leadership deliver it?
Barack Obama was a once-in-a-generation candidate. Why wasn't he a once-in-a-generation president? Harry offers an explanation with an intriguing look into Obama's mind.
Black Gold, Dark Money | Insight
Oil companies testified before Congress on climate misinformation campaigns, but politicians should take a look in the mirror.
Philip breaks down why focus on misinformation is ultimately misguided. The short answer: people are smarter than it gives credit for, and politicians really bear the responsibility.
Déjà Coup | Insight
Sudanese citizens are taking to the streets to protest a military coup, but the global trend is against them.
Did you know there have been more coups this year than in the past five combined? Yeah. Philip gives a theory as to why this is happening.
A Losing Battle with No Winners | Insight
Yemen’s civil war rages on. Unless the United States can come to terms with its poor strategic and moral position, things will only get worse.
If you don't know much about what's happening in Yemen, we couldn't blame you. It doesn't get much airtime. Join Harry for a quick breakdown of what's going on and what needs to happen.
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