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Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

From our little econ theories to a finance-minister-turned-dictator, don't miss out on all these fascinating stories.

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

From our little econ theories to a finance-minister-turned-dictator, don't miss out on all these fascinating stories.

Spectacles  — 18 October 2021

From the archive:

Focus - The Supreme Court: Political, Unaccountable, and All Too Powerful
The Supreme Court has exercised too much authority over American political life for centuries, and the urgent need for reform pre-dates today’s conservative court.
We've been seeing all kinds of comments still about the need for court reform. Put simply, it's not nearly as important as Congressional reform.

Everything from last week:

The Bandit in Portugal? - Bird’s Eye
Join the editors as they continue their analysis of dictatorship! This week, we turn to midcentury Portugal to look at the autocratic Salazar.
This episode had people texting us "💯" - Seriously, it's that good. An interesting blend of history and political science to deliver a really excellent discussion. Don't miss it!
Re-Engaging with the Civic Question - Focus
A guest writer asks, “A generation after Bowling Alone, what do we make of America’s declining social capital?”
Daniel Napsha, a guest writer, joins us to write about his "true civic love," the voluntary association, and its importance to democracy.
Insight - Striking for Democracy
As a wave of strikes hits the United States, we need to ask not only why it’s happening, but what role unions play in a liberal democracy.
Harry does a great, brief breakdown of why unions are so invaluable for democracies. In a time of decreasing public confidence in democracy, it's important to have institutions which embody democracy in people's day-to-day lives.
Are We Getting Inflation All Wrong?
Contrary to popular objections, it looks like more spending could reduce economic pressure now and curb inflation in the future.
Harry explores a counterintuitive notion, that inflation could be countered with supply-side policy rather than demand-side austerity. Also, Betteridge's law is wrong.
Insight - Trump’s Allies Are Defying Subpoena. Now what?
As some of Donald Trump’s top lieutenants defy congressional subpoenas, a couple options are available to enforce the rule of law.
Philip quickly explains what's happening with the defiance of subpoenas and lays out the options for response. Congress probably won't use the best tool they have, which ought to be very concerning.
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