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Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

From immigration complexities to theories about how dictatorship works, you're sure to learn something from Spectacles.

Last Week's Digest + A Throwback

From immigration complexities to theories about how dictatorship works, you're sure to learn something from Spectacles.

Spectacles  — 11 October 2021

From the archive:

Insight - DACA Ruled Illegal by Texas Judge
A new chapter in the recurring fight over this Obama-era program highlights challenging questions about American democracy.
Sunday's Focus from Harry was all about demystifying immigration, so if that sounds interesting, you'll love this old Insight clarifying common misunderstandings of the "Dreamer" program.

Last week's digest:

Bird’s Eye - The Stationary Bandit Theory
Join the editors for the first episode of our newest series, on dictatorship, democracy, and development!
This Bird's Eye is a great and very accessible explanation of a fascinating academic paper by Mancur Olson, exploring how monarchy can get some things right. (But not as good as democracy.)
The Systemic Challenge of Immigration, Explained
As the climate crisis and a decline in global cooperation fuel migration, we must recognize the relationships between the challenges we face, if we are to solve them.
Harry's explanation is a fascinating piece which breaks down some really complicated and tangled-up issues to help show the common threads and what needs to be done. Immigration challenges, it turns out, can't really be solved with immigration policy.
Vote-Buying, Boycotts, and International Meddling in Iraq
Elections in Iraq are set to take place this weekend amidst developments that demonstrate the challenges of democratization in a globalized world.
We don't talk a lot about Iraq these days, but the country's elections highlight a key lesson for those of us interested in the spread of democracy.
Squamish Nation Provides Glimpse at The City of Tomorrow
On reservation land within a major Canadian city, a First Nation is pursuing an ambitious project to reimagine urban development.
A First Nation in Canada is pursuing a futuristic and ambitious development plan in Vancouver, and it is a clear demonstration of what could be possible if our cities weren't dominated by landowners who'd rather see nothing change.
Pandora Papers Expose Democracy’s Broken Promises
Documents detailing the extent of political and economic elites’ habitual tax evasion demonstrate the need for—and difficulty of—reform.
Leaked documents reveal the widespread tax evasion among the rich and powerful, and it's a reminder of how critical international cooperation is to prevent the massive public theft taking place.
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